Bank Millennium 2016 report

We have completed work on an expanded online report for Bank Millennium. We assisted our new client in once again outpacing the market, as the summary of the bank’s 2016 operations was released in early April 2017.

“In 2017 we are successfully growing our portfolio of online reports of listed companies,” said TAILORS Group partner Łukasz Chojecki. “In the case of Bank Millennium, the completion time was particularly vital. The project had to be done in 2 months, and we met that target. This year we are already working on more large reports, including projects meeting the criteria for integrated reports. To expand the team’s CSR capabilities, we have joined forces with Go Responsible, a company supporting enterprises in the area of corporate social responsibility.”

The responsive multimedia report contains advanced interactive tools for presenting financial and operating data. We encourage you to check out the latest project from our portfolio!