PGNiG Group report

The team at TAILORS Group has completed work on a multimedia report for one of Poland’s largest companies, the PGNiG Group. The latest project demonstrates the agency’s substantive, technical and creative capacities, employing advanced mechanisms for presentation of financial and operational data.


“In 2017 we are continuing to grow our portfolio of online projects for companies from key sectors of the economy,” said TAILORS Group partner Łukasz Wójcik. “Building online reports, websites and investor relations services requires not only technical skills, but also knowledge of the client’s industry, the financial market, and all aspects of communications. For digital projects, we draw on our experience in corporate, financial and social PR.”

One of the elements of the report is a visualization of the PGNiG Group’s business model. Preparing it was a huge challenge given the scale and complexity of the company’s operations. Ultimately it took the form of an animation using 3D models. As part of the project, a film clip was prepared depicting the PGNiG Group’s new strategy, as well as a report in booklet form.

According to TAILORS Group partner Łukasz Chojecki, “The double victory of the report prepared for the Tauron Group in the Best Annual Report competition provided us a stimulus to grow even more strongly on the market for online reports and corporate websites. The increasing interest in integrated reporting encouraged us to add the Go Responsible agency, a leader in the field of social communication, as a member of the group. We now have a team ready to cooperate with companies ambitious to communicate with their environment in compliance with the most demanding international standards.”


Earlier this year TAILORS Group also prepared an online report for Bank Millennium.

We invite you to experience the latest report of the PGNiG Group.