Azoty Group – Online Report 2015

The Azoty Group is the biggest group in the fertilizer and chemical industry in Poland and one of the major groups in Europe.

The task of the TAILORS Group was to support the Azoty Group in the preparation of a report containing data from 2015. In this project, the team of the TAILORS Group did not take part in preparing the content but focused only on adapting the client’s ESPI report to the special communication channel of an online report. The project was completed within a mere 2 months with a fully responsive application furnished with interactive mechanisms for presenting financial and business data that was made public in August 2016.

Applied solutions

The TAILORS Group started its work on the project by analyzing the client’s business, drawing on its extensive experience in supporting companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The result of this work was a proposal of the report structure (corresponding fully with the required contents of an ESPI report but rearranged in line with the logic of an online tool), a concept of infographic solutions and a list of items that may be visualized in the form of sophisticated graphs generated in real time.

The final version of the Report includes advanced interactive tools enabling the presentation of such data as analysts’ recommendations, changes in the shareholding structure, market context and dividend policy. The TAILORS Group’s proprietary mechanisms were used for generating graphs to be inserted in selected tabs of the Report (for instance, in sections concerning the market environment).

Special emphasis was put on providing access to historical data going back at least several years. As a result, the user no longer needs to switch back and forth between previous editions of the Report.


The complete Report is available at the following address: