We have executed projects for companies in nearly all key sectors of the economy.

Power industry

Our team has unique experience in cooperating with companies from the power sector and their environment. We have proudly served both some of the largest utility companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and smaller fast-growing companies from the industry. We have supported our clients in their communication with investors, the media, employees and other stakeholders. We have successfully dealt with challenges in the areas of both conventional power industry and renewable energy sources.


We have won the trust of some of the biggest players in the commodity market, both in Poland and abroad. We are very adept at dealing with the needs of companies involved in the mining of hard coal, lignite and minerals and the manufacture of chemical products and metals. We have supported or continue to support such companies as Prairie Mining Limited, the TAURON Group, the Azoty Group, the MMG Group and Polskie Górnictwo Skalne.

Real estate
and construction

We combine all the elements of communication significant for companies operating on the real estate and construction markets, including those listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We support our clients in their relations with the media and investors, we help them develop their press releases, websites, presentations, promotional videos and complex architectural visualizations.


Our team consists of individuals educated in finance and experienced in working for financial media and investor relations departments of stock exchange-listed companies. We are a valued business partner for banks, brokerage houses and other capital market institutions.

Members of our team are proud of their long-term experience in supporting transactions and investor relations of Polish and foreign companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and providing assistance to companies from the financial sector.

Transport and logistics

We have participated in a number of projects for clients from the logistics and transportation sector. We have executed projects for companies whose line of business is maritime, air, rail and road transportation, lease of storage space and courier services.

Chemical and heavy industries

No aspect of running an industrial company is a secret to us. When establishing cooperation with a new client, we make every effort to delve into all the aspects of the client’s business, from its business model and market environment to technical issues of the production process and details of the client’s commercial offer. Our knowledge and experience combined with graphic and animation tools enable us to create visualizations of even the most complex technological processes.

Media, telecommunications,
IT and modern technologies

We support both some of the largest global corporations shaping mainstream innovations and start-ups looking for market niches for their products and services. We also assist companies that have not been associated with innovations so far (heavy industry, power industry) to communicate information about their R&D projects.

Defense industry

We are thoroughly familiar with the arms market and solutions dedicated specifically to uniformed services. Members of our team have supported large multinationals and Polish companies manufacturing and distributing equipment for the army and police.


We have the necessary knowledge, experience and skills to effectively support the communication of agricultural enterprises as well as manufacturers of agricultural machinery and fertilizers. We have also served some of the largest food producers (both in Poland and abroad), including companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Automotive industry

We know and understand the automotive industry and we are fully aware of its scale, potential and role for the Polish economy. We develop solutions tailored to the specific nature of B2B relations. We assist in communicating the role of components and solutions necessary for the manufacture of modern vehicles.