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We tell your company’s story through image and sound

How should you communicate information about your company’s business or new strategy? How should you recap another year and your company’s financial performance? How should you present your company’s CSR commitment? How should you present a new product or project?


We help you create smart and right-on-target messages skillfully translated into concepts, scripts and film shots and animated scenes.

Videos should be perceived as a standard way for your company to communicate with the environment. We scale film projects by offering comprehensive corporate videos and products for everyday use (e.g. video commentaries involving the company’s key members).

Our first step is always to listen and learn

We talk to the client and try to become familiar with the specific nature of its business to understand the client’s operations and be able to tell its story with image and sound.

We provide access to a plethora of technological solutions

We adjust the visual solutions to the nature of our client’s organization. Your company’s assets may be presented by way of video shots (for instance using drones) or advanced three-dimensional visualizations. We also use animated infographics.

We act fast

Working closely with the capital market, we are fully aware of time pressure and various limitations. We optimize schedules and rearrange our resources to be able to make all the required changes prior to publication.

We create diverse video content

Our materials include autonomous corporate and promotional videos and components of larger interdisciplinary projects: corporate websites, online reports and events (e.g. periodic performance reports and strategy presentations).