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We create award-winning financial, CSR and integrated reports

The interdisciplinary nature of our agency’s team poises us to craft online reports. We offer comprehensive services to our clients:


starting from content creation, including an activity report, through the development of modern interactive tools, to film production.

By having a single team create a report we guarantee coherence, high quality and rapid preparation as evidenced by the TAURON Group winning the BEST ANNUAL REPORT contest two years in a row. In 2016, our client also won an award in the “Best Online Report” category.

Every online report poses a different challenge: we prepare a concept by adjusting it to the nature of the company’s business, market environment and business model. Our designers and graphic and animation artists tap into our in-depth knowledge to create pictures, infographics and video clips presenting the company’s achievements and perspectives.

We never stop improving our solutions

We keep an eye on best practices in reporting in Poland and globally and we also create and devise our own solutions.

We work independently

Our ambition is to reduce our client’s workload as much as possible. We assume most of the work required to prepare an online report – the client’s role is limited to expressing its opinion.

We are experts in visualization of financial and non-financial data

We make extensive use of modern tools. We replace long and complicated descriptions with infographics, video clips and interactive elements. Our solutions enable the insertion of various types of graphs generated on the basis of pre-entered numerical data wherever the client elects to place them. In this way, we tell a story about the results and other aspects of the company’s business, e.g. its market environment.

We take responsibility

We appoint a supervisor with extensive powers to be at the client’s disposal and to coordinate project execution from initial arrangements to the moment of uploading the report on the website. We are committed to the highest quality because the success of our client’s report drives our own business growth.

Because our agency has a full array of skills and qualifications, we adjust flexibly to our clients’ needs and expectations. We prepare extended integrated reports and less comprehensive projects focused on clear and properly structured presentation of results.