We combine business knowledge with experience in the development of interactive tools aimed at supporting effective communication.

We have executed tens of projects for some of the largest Polish and international companies, including those listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange. We have supported companies representing nearly all key sectors of the economy, such as mining, utilities, finance, transportation and real estate. Our clients include the TAURON Group, PGE Energia Odnawialna, the Azoty Group, Enter Air, Prairie Mining Limited and Wyborowa Pernod Ricard.

Management of the TAILORS Group has probably the most extensive experience in providing PR support to clients involved in transactions on the Polish capital market. Members of our team have provided consulting services within the framework of over 50 IR and financial communication projects, including over 30 large-scale deals such as public offerings of shares or bonds and mergers and acquisitions.

As the only agency on the Polish market, we have combined, within one team, competences from the following areas: corporate, financial and product PR, investor relations, internal communication and experience in developing advanced digital projects. We do not treat these areas as separate fields of operation but exploit the potential existing at their interface. This is how we develop innovative tools to support companies in their communication with the environment, for instance through advanced investor relations websites and online multimedia reports.

Due to the application of this unique model, one team at our end is able to support a client in its communication through all existing channels, from traditional relations with media representatives to wide-scale Internet campaigns.

One team, a broad range of competences
  • Kama Polak

    PR Director

  • Michał Dalba

    Senior PR & IR Manager

  • Tomasz Danelczyk

    Senior PR & IR Manager

  • Mariia Ivanochko

    Senior PR & IR Manager

  • Krzysztof Kozłowski

    Senior PR Manager

  • Anna Pronińska

    PR Manager

  • Ewelina Wójcik

    PR Consultant

  • Ewa Jelnicka

    PR Account Executive

  • Maciej Czarnecki

    IR Account Executive

  • Jakub Kozłowski

    Key Account Manager | Digital Team Leader

  • Jakub Rakowicz

    Lead Graphic Designer | Digital Team Leader

  • Paweł Czyż

    Head of Development

  • Krzysztof Soński

    Senior Art Director

  • Kinga Śledziewska

    Digital Account Manager

  • Julia Sieczkarska

    Digital Account Manager

  • Adrian Skowron

    Graphic Designer

  • Iwona Księżopolska

    Graphic Designer

  • Bartosz Giza zdjęcie

    Bartosz Giza

    ESG Manager

  • Magdalena Dworak​

    ESG Consultant​

  • Katarzyna Nowak zdjęcie

    Katarzyna Nowak

    Senior ESG Consultant

  • Zuzanna Kłopotek

    ESG Consultant​

  • Marek Cichon

    ESG Consultant​

  • Ewa Kubaszewska

    ESG Consultant

  • Zuzanna Koszewska​

    ESG Consultant​

  • Jakub Janowski

    Junior ESG Consultant

  • Maria Kazubska

    Junior ESG Consultant