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Przemysław Oczyp

Head of CSR

He has been involved in sustainable growth and CSR since 2008. He also has experience in business, NGOs, and public administration.

In 2012–2014 he served as Sustainable Development Coordinator for CEMEX Polska. He coordinated drafting of the CEMEX Polska Sustainable Development Report 2011–2012, which won a prize from the jury and journalists in the 2013 Social Reports competition. He was responsible for organizing the construction industry and aggregates mining industry’s first dialogue events with stakeholders compliant with AA1000 standards. He was one of the creators of the CEMEX sustainable development strategy for 2015–2020.

In 2008–2012, at the Responsible Business Forum, he was responsible among other projects for organizing the CSR 2.0 conference (twice) and the 2012 CSR Fair, the first sustainable development fair in Poland (in line with BS8901/ISO 20121 standards).

In 2011–2012 he was a member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Group at the Prime Minister’s Office, where among other things he led the efforts of the CSR and Education working group.

He is a member of the management board of the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds and chair of the audit committee of the Responsible Business Forum. He is a cofounder and member of the management board of Fundacja Rodzinna. In 2012–2014 he was a member of the management board of the CEMEX Corporate Foundation “Budujemy Przyszłość.”