Public Relations \


Key members of our team are experienced journalists who have cooperated with Poland’s most influential media. As a result, we truly understand how the media work and how to deal with them.


We know how to attract a journalist’s interest and build good relationships with editorial boards. Our contact list is long – we cooperate closely with journalist of Polish nationwide newspapers, magazines and business portals, mostly those devoted to the economy and finance, but also technology and lifestyle.

We prepare our clients to engage in media contacts by conducting professional media training. We teach our clients how to give interviews, including filmed presentations, and how to organize press events (conferences, briefings, etc.). If needed, we organize and run a press office. One member of our team is a former press spokesman with experience in government administration, enabling us to guarantee the provision of services at the highest level.

Any media materials prepared by us will be:

  • created to attract the interest of journalists and ensure a good number of publications – we write vivid and interesting content, taking care to ensure an appropriate structure and attractive appearance of the material;
  • targeted at a precisely defined group of recipients – the worst thing to do is to send a media release to uninterested journalists;
  • written in a way that contributes to building your company’s positive image;
  • optimized for online search engines.