Investor relations \


Investor relations are part of the communication efforts of stock exchange-listed companies. Professional actions taken on an ongoing basis exert a significant influence on how a company is perceived and priced on the stock exchange.


We support companies in their communication with investors, we help build and implement an equity story to obtain the most attractive valuation.

we analyze the situation

we recommend solutions

we prepare materials

we contact investors and analysts

Our team members are proud of their lengthy experience in supporting transactions and investor relations of Polish and foreign companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We have gained hands-on experience during both the good and bad times on the stock exchange. We provide advice and assistance in communication during periods of prosperity but we are not afraid to make bold decisions in times of crisis.

We supplement traditional investor relations tools, such as face-to-face meetings and high quality printed documents, with interactive tools, such as online reports and interactive presentations. We also prepare investor relations websites.