TAILORS Group prepares integrated report for Tauron Group

The team at TAILORS Group has completed work on a fully integrated annual report for one of Poland’s largest power companies, the Tauron Group. In a new technical feature of this year’s edition, the business model and strategy are presented in the form of virtual reality clips.

“In 2017 we have rapidly expanded our portfolio of online projects for major companies from key sectors of the economy,” said TAILORS Group partner Łukasz Chojecki. “In the case of the Tauron Group, the main challenge was to develop a new model for presenting data based on standards defined by the International Integrated Reporting Council. As advisers responsible for the final structure and content, we worked with the company for many weeks on how to present the company’s financial data and non-financial information. The overall project was built using intuitive, state-of-the-art technical solutions. A project of this type requires wide-ranging competencies in PR, investor relations, CSR, and digital design.”

This year’s annual report for the Tauron Group is the latest project completed by TAILORS Group for this client, the effect of excellent, fruitful cooperation. The report prepared last year received the top prize in the competition for Best Annual Report organized by the Accounting and Tax Institute (IRiP) in the general category and in the category for best digital version.