Two prestigious awards for a report prepared by the TAURON Group

A report prepared by the team at TAILORS Group for TAURON Polska Energia once again won the main prize in the “Best Annual Report” contest organized by the Accounting and Tax Institute.

This means that the company joined the “Best of the Best” group of companies applying the highest reporting standards. Our report was also considered the best online report in the contest.

We treat both statuettes as confirmation of our competences in two areas of vital importance for our agency: consulting on financial PR and investor relations and implementation of comprehensive digital projects.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the TAURON Group’s team for another year of successful cooperation. It provided us with the opportunity to advance further in substantive and technological terms. In 2017, we will present an even more extensive list of solutions supporting companies in effective communication with their environment.


“Two years in a row, our report has been selected as the best report among competing companies. This year, it was the second statuette that brought me exceptional joy as it summed up several months of work done by our digital team,” said Łukasz Chojecki, Partner in the TAILORS Group. “We will consistently develop our digital products not only to be attractive and modern in form but also to be sources of useful information for investors and the overall corporate community,” he added.