TAURON Group – Online Report 2015

The TAURON Group is one of the biggest Polish utility companies.

In 2015, the TAILORS Group was commissioned for the second time to prepare an online report for the TAURON Group. In a single project, financial data were integrated with content on sustainable development/CSR. The broad scope of the project presented a significant challenge from the perspective of the navigation system, performance of the application and project management in the context of its rigorous timeframe.

What proved to be very useful was that the team representing the client and the team representing our agency had a track record of successful cooperation in investor relations.

The “Best Annual Report” contest organized by the Accounting and Tax Institute recognized the efforts of the TAILORS Group. The Report won the main prize for the second time and was also selected as the best online report.

Applied solutions

The openness exhibited by the TAURON Group’s team to the ideas presented by the TAILORS Group made it possible to make full use of the potential of the interdisciplinary team working on the project. The work of the experts representing the TAILORS Group included:

  • preparation of content based on an ESPI report, editing and translation into English
  • development of graphic solutions and interactive elements
  • preparation of a three-dimensional animation
  • software and implementation of a fully responsive report application
  • implementation of advanced tools for data visualization, including modules for presentation of financial results, dividends, historical changes in the shareholding structure and stock prices
  • development of substantive and creative concepts and the structure
  • organization of photographic and video sessions, including shots taken from drones
  • DTP of reports in PDF format
  • implementation of tools supporting content analysis, including a “highlighter”, a basket of printouts, a PDF generator and a glossary
  • adjustment of the report to the needs of readers with disabilities


The complete Report is available at the following address: